Vegetarian, Celiac and Gluten-Free recipes

Many people choose a vegetarian lifestyle for health or ethical reasons.

Celiac disease is a condition that means sufferers cannot eat the gluten found in common breads and cereals. Others find a gluten-free diet feels healthier even if they are not celiac.

Many vegetarians who are also gluten-free have trouble eating a well-rounded diet.

Our cookbooks provide tasty, easy recipes that are vegetarian and gluten-free.

We include meals that suit quick and easy weeknights, family dinners and special occasions. Every recipe is cooked personally by us using ingredients from our local supermarket and taste-tested by our families.

The good news is that even people that are not vegetarian or celiac love these recipes!

The first 'introduction' cookbook is free to download and contains five of our favourite recipes that are sure to please. We will be releasing more recipes regularly including free recipes on our blog, and using this site as a resource for vegetarian celiacs world-wide.

About the Authors

James Crook is a web designer, educator, geek and proud dad who lives in Ocean Grove, Australia, and who loves to cook. Most of his family on his father’s side is diagnosed with celiac disease.

Kym Ivory lives in Meredith, Australia and has worked as a truck driver, kitchen hand and musical performer. She became vegetarian in 1991 and loves teaching vegetarian cooking classes for local mums.

We hope you love our cookbooks! Please say 'Hi' in the forums, we love chatting :)

What others are saying

"My sister was a vegetarian since her teens then discovered she was celiac a few years later. I got tired of always cooking the same handful of recipes when she would visit, so your ideas have been a godsend!"
   - John

"As a vegetarian I always ate well but when I discovered I was gluten intolerant I was surprised at how many of the foods I ate regularly were packed with wheat... Gluten-free recipes and wheat-free recipes like yours have made me feel healthier and they taste great."
   - Belinda

"My gluten-free daughter and son-in-law regularly come down for holidays and I never used to know what to cook. Now whenever they come they want copies of your cookbook, they love the recipes so much!"
   - Regina

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